NetAlive Products


Generally, computer professionals use the NetAlive Design Tool to create NetAlive Applications. NetAlive applications can be distributed via the Web but the user must have a NetAlive Mini or Full Viewer to make use of them.

The NetAlive Design Tool can also produce agent-based applications that permit the user to change agents. In this case, the Design Tool also produces palettes of replacement agents that can be distributed via the Web. A user must have the Full Viewer to change agents.

The NetAlive system is itself distributed via the Web. Interested parties can download and try NetAlive immediately and for free. The freely downloadable version has all the features of both the viewer and design tool and may be used for 30 days.

Beta Test

NetAlive is in beta test for Windows 95 only. NetAlive exists for Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, and NT. However, only the Windows 95 version has all functions implemented.


NetAlive Applications
Price: at the discretion of their creator, NetAlive Inc. maintains some free demonstration applications.
Most users will interact with NetAlive through applications built by others. Applications stored on a Web page can be accessed by clicking on a hyperlink in a Web browser, but applications can be distributed by physical media as well. However, applications require that the end-user's computer have at least a NetAlive Mini Viewer, Full Viewer, or Design Tool installed.
NetAlive Mini Viewer
Price: the viewer is not being sold separately from the NetAlive Full Viewer at this time.
The NetAlive Mini Viewer can run, view, or execute an application but it cannot change it.
NetAlive Full Viewer
Price $49 which includes all upgrades for one year. 30 day free trial.
The NetAlive Full Viewer adds an interface where a user can reconfigure an application without programming. These interfaces are based on a metaphor to a government intelligence agency.
Price: at the discretion of their creator, NetAlive Inc. maintains palettes for the demonstration applications
Palettes are collections of agents that can be substituted into NetAlive applications with the NetAlive Full Viewer or Design Tool.
NetAlive Design Tool
Price $495 which includes all upgrades for one year. 30 day free trial
The NetAlive Design Tool is a programmers tool for the construction of agents.
Application Templates
Price: at the discretion of their creator
NetAlive applications can be distributed in forms corresponding to source code and binary code in conventional applications. When distributed as source code an application can be copied and used as the basis for a new or modified application. The interactive documentation and tutorials for the NetAlive design tools include many application templates. Also, some of the NetAlive demonstration applications are suitable for use as application templates. However, NetAlive Inc. and third parties may withhold or charge for application templates.
Site License
Price: determined on a case-by-case basis
Organizations using NetAlive for a large number of internal users can obtain a discount through a site license. NetAlive has a variant on site licenses for public use.