Client Automation

...or the generalization of Java.

Scenario in existing systems

HTML+Java on browser, standard HTTP servers.

Scenario in NetAlive

NetAlive can be used for these applications. One uses an Intertask executing entirely on the client except for RPC access to Web servers.

The Intertask can contain any number and combination of address-free tasks. Tasks without an address execute on the computer which starts them (called the console). The Intertask can also contain RPC-class tasks with an address. RPC-class tasks invoke an RPC's stub on the console and execute the remote procedure on the server identified in the address. As a result, only the client needs to be running NetAlive

The figure below is a very simple Intertask of this type. Tasks Text box and Textual HTML have no address and hence run on the client. Task HTTP access has a connection to the 7 o'clock address input (from the 3 o'clock position on Text box -- sorry, it is not shown clearly in the figure). This task is of the RPC type where the RPC stub executes on the client and performs an RPC on the addressed computer.

The function tutorial may be helpful in understanding this class of applications

Applications using existing systems

Front-end to Internet data.

New applications possible with NetAlive

Several NetAlive demonstration applications are of this class: Scout, CDMarket, Newpaper Reader, and Information Finder.

Benefits of NetAlive

GUI not document.

Designer can pick most appropriate langauge.

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