Multi-User + Server

...such as an auction application with multiple bidders and an auctioneer-server.

Scenario in existing systems

Server executes an application over time. Clients interact with server periodically (client-pull or server-push) to stay in contact with the application. When appropriate clients interact with the server via form submission.

Scenario in NetAlive

NetAlive can be used for these applications. One uses an Intertask with multiple GUIs that relay data between themselves and functional tasks on a server.

The GUI-tasks should contain be addressed to two computers. Each address can be either no address (an alias for the computer that started the application), a static address or a dynamic address. In addition, there can be functional tasks addressed to the server. NetAlive will load and start the application on the three computers, activating each task on the appropriate computer. The NetAlive system moves data between computers automatically and as needed.

The figure below is an Intertask for the auction application. The tasks are addressed to run on hosts COLOR, MONO, and SERVER.

Applications using existing systems

Access server-based data. Submit forms. On-the-fly Web pages.

New applications possible with NetAlive

Auction. Each client has a GUI monitoring progress and permitting bidding. Auctioneer authenticates high bid.

Benefits of NetAlive

Systematic construction method.

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