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Split Function

Input 9: data input (lines of text).
Input 7: address (standard interpretation).
Output 2: data output (lines not containing search string).
Output 4: data output (lines containing search string).
Parameter a: search string.


Splits 9 o'clock input data into two parts. Input data is interpreted as a series of lines. Lines containing parameter a (interpreted as a substring) get sent to the 4 o'clock output. The rest of the lines go to the 2 o'clock output. Currently, this function is implemented with the DOS commands: type $9|find/v "$a">$2 and type $9|find "$a">$4.

Interactive Demonstration

Press to invoke

Edit the "Lines to split" box and defocus by typing tab or clicking the mouse outside the box. Upon defocusing, Net Alive! will split the lines into two groups based on whether they contain the substring "th." Select "View -- Option settings" from the menu (or click on the equivalent button in the toolbar) to change the search string from "th" to something else.

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