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Picture Widget

Inputs 8-11: data inputs (all the same).
Input 7: address (standard interpretation).
Displays a graphic on the screen. The graphic may not be changed.


Inputs get concatenated with implied synchronization into a single input value. However, "Asynchronous" simply routes input messages to an input value.

Never produces an output.


Graphic display of internal data initially and then input values as they arrive. Data may be a MS Windows bitmap or an OLE object.

"Use heading as caption or status message" places the task's caption to the upper-left of the button as a heading.

o be a series of tab-separated fields. Displays the specified field.

Interactive Demonstration

Press to invoke

The bulk of the window starts with a graphic with the words "Internal data..." This image was produced by a picture widget containing an OLE embedded object as its internal data.

Press the buttons and observe the picture change. Each button contains a graphic as its internal data. Pressing each button transfers the graphic to the picture widget.

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