NetAlive Learn-By-Doing Lessons

This document describes NetAlive's learn-by-doing lessons for users without the NetAlive design tool installed. Each learn-by-doing lesson has a document describing an idea and an archetype application that uses the idea. To use the lessons, the user will simultaneously view the document in a Web browser and the application in the NetAlive design tool. A lesson often includes switching the design tool between programmer modes to view the "program" and execution mode to see it operate. After reading the lesson, the user can examine and experiment with the archetype to further their understanding.

It is not necessary to download the documentation before use. The NetAlive design tool can download archetype programs directly from NetAlive Software's server.

The lesson for a "Button Widget" as an example. There is a HTML document with a description of connection points, behavior, appearance, and a link to an archetype  NetAlive application that illustrates the concepts. The user may:

The figure below shows the button archetype running:

The figure below shows the button archetype's task interconnections:

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