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This is the entry point to the NetAlive documentation. However, only the NetAlive design tool has specific documentation. If a user has trouble running a NetAlive application, they should refer to the installation instructions, documentation on specific applications, or the troubleshooting guide.

This area documents both the design tool and the language that the design tool manipulates. The design tool's functions are organized by the menus or dialogs used to access the functions. The language is documented by the tasks or agents that comprise an application. There is also a section on software engineering methods for NetAlive.

This documentation includes learn-by-doing lessons for many ideas (these ideas are flagged by the symbol ). These ideas have a document describing the ideas and a small archetype application that uses the idea. To use the lessons, the user will simultaneously view the document in a Web browser and the application in the NetAlive design tool. To use the learn-by-doing lessons requires an operational NetAlive design tool. Press for a further description of learn-by-doing lessons.

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Learn-By-Doing Lessons
 Learn-By-Doing Lessons

Design Tool Command Documentation
 Menu Bar Commands  Dialogs

NetAlive Design Language Documentation
 Tutorials  Tasks or Agents  Implementation Languages

Software Engineering Methods for NetAlive
 Software Development Methods