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Combo Box Widget

Inputs 8-11: data inputs (all the same).
Outputs 2-4: data outputs (all the same).
Input 7: address (standard interpretation).

A collapsible list box.


Inputs get concatenated with implied synchronization into a single input value. However, "Asynchronous" simply routes input messages to an input value.

Produces an output upon focus loss or "closing" of the list (firing criteria). The output value is the selected line of the last input value. If fired before there is an input value, the output value is the selected line of the internal data. (Does the output end in a newline?)


Displays a combo box on the screen.

"Use heading as caption or status message" places the task's caption to the upper-left of the button as a heading.

The combo box contains the internal data initially and then input data as it arrives. Data gets displayed by parsing input into lines.

Interactive Demonstration

Press to invoke

Open the combo box in the center and select a number. Upon defocusing, the selected number goes to the output field.

Load the combo box by typing a series of lines into the "Change list" text box. Upon defocusing, the typed-in list becomes the combo box's list.

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