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Button Widget

Inputs 8-11: data inputs (all the same).
Outputs 2-4: data outputs (all the same).
Input 7: address (standard interpretation).

A pushbutton or checkbox that can initiate or confirm an action. When used as an initiator, the user presses the button to start an action. When used for confirmation, the widget conveys inputs to outputs based on user input.


Inputs get concatenated with implied synchronization into a single input value. However, "Asynchronous" simply routes input messages to an input value.

Produces an output when "clicked." The output value is the last input value. If clicked before there is an input value, the output value is the internal data.


Displays a pushbutton widget on the screen.

"Use heading as caption or status message" places the task's caption to the upper-left of the button as a heading.

The button's face contains the internal data initially and then input data as it arrives. However, "Load from caption" places the task's caption on the button's face instead.


Check box. Appearance changes to a check box (auto text box variety -- mouse clicks cause the check to toggle on and off). No output messages when unchecked. Upon being checked after an input arrives, produces an output message with the last input. When in a checked state, conveys input messages to outputs.

Interactive Demonstration

Press to invoke

The three buttons in the center column are focus of the example.

Press the top (initiator) button; the button's internal data becomes an output message.

The middle (confirmation) button transfers data to result when pressed.

The bottom (enable) checkbox transfers data to result when first pressed. The checkbox continues to transfer data to result as long as it is pressed.

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