Browse Application

In this example we will create a Web browser. The browser accesses explicitly typed URLs and permits hyperlinking from the display.

Step 1: Create the application

Discussion: The HTTP access task can access HTML data or submit forms, depending on its inputs. By convention, NetAlive uses 7 o'clock inputs for "dynamic addresses" like a URL, and the 9 o'clock input for data like "post data." The HTTP access task uses method GET or POST depending on whether a 9 o'clock input is present. NetAlive resolves relative URLs from the context of the last URL accessed (feature not implemented in version 0.0.3). The HTTP access task gets data from a standard HTTP server. (The HTTP access task has additional properties not described here.)

The Textual HTML task displays HTML input in a widget. The widget cannot be changed, but clicking on a hyperlink causes output of the hyperlink's URL. Version 0.0.3 of NetAlive can display HTML only as characters, hence the adjective "textual."

Completing the Application