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The Internet with all its computers and data have become a new computing platform. In principle, many of the applications developed for conventional computers could be adapted to perform their same function on the collective resources of the Internet.. Such adaptations have been tried with the results ranging from useless to tremendously successful. For example, the Web browser is an adaptation of a word processor to access the Web rather than a hard disk. Likewise, Internet search engines are adaptations of databases to the Internet. Later on in this document, we will consider the value of adapting other applications to the Internet.

NetAlive technology assists developers creating applications that use all the Internet's resources. The browser, search engine, and other early Internet applications required many programmer-years of effort because only single-computer programming tools were available. As a result, Internet applications were feasible only where a large market existed. However, NetAlive reduces the effort to create an Internet application significantly. NetAlive will accelerate the rate at which Internet applications can be produced while lowering their cost.

NetAlive's will enable Internet applications in at least the following areas:

This Website includes information on NetAlive applications in many of the areas above. Many applications were prototyped as part of the design process for the NetAlive system. Some of these prototypes were later selected for refinement to products while others were not. Reports on the prototypes are included on the Website along with the actual application where feasible.

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Information Management
NetAlive applications gather information from standard Web servers and process it for the user's benefit. The NetAlive tools let users control agents via metaphors.
Resell Information Valley Talk Internet Intelligence Agency
Scout CD Market Newspaper Reader
Information Finder

Network and Systems Management
NetAlive applications control computers around the Internet just a as conventional utility would manipulate a local computer. Mobile agents travel to remote computers to gather information or modify their state.
Client Automation A Network Utility Software Inventory
Agent-based Browser

NetAlive applications implement a business function part on the user's computer and part on a server.

Collaborative Work
NetAlive applications with multiple user interfaces move information between users to assist a specific task.
Multi-User Apps. Multi-User Auction

Process Control

Parallel Computing
Agencies solve a problem faster than would be possible using a single computer. Example: cracking cryptographic codes.