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What is NetAlive?

NetAlive does what you do when you use the Internet: it downloads a page, reads it, makes a decision on what to do next, and does it. The difference is that NetAlive does the job with the speed and efficiency of software.

NetAlive uses different procedures depending on the type of information encountered:

  • Textual NetAlive searches for new and interesting information for presentation to or alerting of the user.
  • Software NetAlive identifies new or maintenance software and downloads it -- installing it if appropriate.
  • Graphics NetAlive identifies interesting graphical information, downloads it, and makes an enticing presentation.
  • Prices NetAlive monitors numerical information (such as prices) and can take a user-controlled action when a condition is satisfied (such as buying or selling a product). (Note: not in pre-release version.).

Who Uses NetAlive?

NetAlive is ideal for Internet-enabled employees. A typical NetAlive user received dozens of email messages and was responsible for the content on dozens of Web pages before using NetAlive. With NetAlive, the employee can process all this information and more with less effort.

NetAlive Applications

NetAlive currently features an Infoglut control application. The NetAlive gallery has other applications from NetAlive, Inc. and others.

Free Trial

Try NetAlive for free. Parts of NetAlive have a 30 day free trial and the rest is free forever. We suggest you download the NetAlive viewer and try our Infoglut control application.


NetAlive is in pre-release at this time.

Features for Internet Productivity
  • Interprets NetAlive reads the contents of Web pages -- instead of just tracking creation dates -- to pinpoint interesting information free of uninteresting and voluminous context.
  • Synthesizes news NetAlive remembers when each idea first appeared to provide a foolproof way of generating news from standard Web pages.
  • Remembers NetAlive remembers which ideas have been presented to the user to avoid multiple displays of the same information.
  • Filters NetAlive acts on clearly interesting information and rejects clearly uninteresting information to minimize unnecessary work for the user -- while deferring to the user on information of questionable interest.
  • Consolidates NetAlive consolidates information from all sources in a single application to avoid presenting the user with a glut of channels.
  • Decides NetAlive makes decisions on information when it can be done safely to minimize user tedium.
  • Responds NetAlive can act on decisions using a library of responses backed by a design tool for field enhancements.
  • Presents NetAlive has a range of presentation options from synthesizing a multimedia presentation to a textual GUI for research.
  • Is advertiser-friendly NetAlive can pull through advertisements and report impressions and click-throughs to provide content-providers with an incentive to support content for NetAlive.

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The cartoons in the animated logo represent software agents collaborating to create an application defined by the connections in the computer window.